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Smart Homes are the Future Sierra Wireless could be a long term winner

In the last year, Sierra Wireless has been on a rampage! Cashing in more than 100% in unrealized gains. In the quarter revenue is up, margins have improved, the firm maintains a strong cash position, and management expects a solid next quarter.  

Sierra Wireless is a strong investment in the Internet of Things; a multi-trillion dollar opportunity the Internet of Things or IoT is the concept that all products can connect to broadband internet and because of new functionality, improve efficiency and quality of life.   These include smart cities, transportation, retail, digital signs, autonomous homes, wearable tech, video surveillance, smart meters, smart grids and even public lighting. If we take a look at the conference call from May 4, 2017, CEO Jason Cohenour explains the firm's new strategy using existing customers and new product offerings due to recent acquisitions. In addition to the OEM sales growth and the Enterprise Solutions growth, I predict that this trend will not only c…
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Fuel Cell Energy June 2017 Research

In this article, I will break down the Fuel Cell Energy (FCEL) Q2 2017 earnings call from June 8. Look at critical military technological advancements that create long-term benefit for Fuel Cell Energy. Look at US legislative developments in the federal and state level. Explore any significant pieces of recent news on FuelCell Energy and the industry at large. Finally risk!
Earnings call On June 8 CEO Chip Bottone and CFO Mike Bishop led a very successful earnings call. Some highlights of the quarter were the generation portfolio expansion by 10.2 MW including a 1.4 MW project on Long Island with PSE&G. The 7.4 MW letter of intent for a US Navy base. The State of Connecticut passed Bill 7036 creating a potential path for Beacon Falls. The Department of Energy Awarded Fuel Cell with $3.0 million specifically for a solid oxide fuel cell energy storage solution. Profitability is now attainable at 45 MW per year in product sales or 60 MW a year in generation revenue.
Key takeaway Bill 703…